When a Temporary Injury is a “Disability”

I don’t often post on cases from the federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (the federal appellate court that includes North Carolina). But when I see a case that is a big deal, I like to highlight it. Today’s case, Summers v. Altarum Institute, is one such big deal. The Fourth Circuit held, at least […]

Paying Your Attorney

As an attorney, there is something that I need to take into consideration with any client, which is: who is going to pay my fee? Today’s case deals primarily with the issue of attorney’s fees. I realize that this is not a topic of much interest to anyone other than attorneys. However, the case also […]

New Rules for LLCs

A new set of rules for North Carolina LLCs took effect on January 1. Since most small businesses, and many large ones, use an LLC structure to run their business, I thought it would be helpful to quickly run through some of the changes. Changes First I want to note that existing LLCs are not required […]

The Arbitration Case, Decided

A couple of months ago, I blogged about an upcoming Court of Appeals case regarding the intersection of arbitration and class actions. That case was decided right at the end of December and I am just getting around to reading it. The case is Elliott v. KB Home North Carolina. Since there is some possibility […]

Minimum Contacts for Teleworkers

Even if you have done nothing wrong, having to appear in court can be an expensive proposition. You have to pay legal fees, produce documents and maybe give up some of your officers’ valuable time. If the court is somewhere other than your center of operations, the process becomes even more expensive and troublesome. Because […]